Are you an established professional wanting to make positive changes in your community and around the world?

There are 1.2 million Rotarians located in 200 countries and geographical areas with more than 30,000 clubs.  While Rotarians come from different cultures and customs, all member shares one thing in common: they were invited to apply for membership. 
If you are a guest interested in membership, we first invite you to join us at a Wednesday lunch, a service project, or another activity or event. As you are enjoying our programs, you will have the chance to meet members and guests to see if membership is the right fit for you. Please do let us know you are inquiring about membership, so we can help answer questions along the way. 
If you are a Rotarian interested in inviting a guest to apply, we also encourage you to have your guests attend programs, service activities, or events to ensure members will be a mutual fit. As their sponsor, you will be their usher into Wilshire Rotary. All applicants must know the time and financial commitments involved with membership before they apply. All applicants need a sponsor and two seconders whom they have met and have spent time with them.
Once complete, sponsors will submit new member applications to the Membership Chair for review.  The Membership Chair will work with the sponsor to engage the applicant in a process that can take up to a month. The applicant will be thoughtfully reviewed by the Membership Chair and presented to the Board of Directors for their formal approval. The sponsor and seconders will be notified along with the applicant. Membership will be activated once necessary dues and fees are received and processed.
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