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Join us on zoom with renowned artist Juan Carlos Quintero and get an upclose preview of one of the talented artists who will be performing at the November 20th Rotary Foundation celebration concert, "The Soul of Rotary".

Those well versed in Latin American culture know Medellín, Colombia is often referred as, “La ciudad de la eterna primavera (the city of eternal spring),” a reflection of the vast Andean Valley’s culture, art, flowers, music, and people.  Both musically and spiritually, the heart, soul and guitar of Juan Carlos Quintero's music reflects the colorful sounds and diverse rhythms of his cherished birthplace.

Successfully fulfilling diverse music paradigms throughout multiple decades has been the pillar for JCQ's expansive career. Recognized as a seasoned all-purpose music specialist, JCQ remains in the forefront while creating, producing and exploring new ventures.