L.A. Red Shield Community Center
1532 W 11TH STREET
Los Angeles, CA 90015
United States of America
We would appreciate your presence at the Annual L.A. Red Shield Awards Banquet celebrating our 70th year anniversary on Saturday, August 15, 2020.
Since social distancing is vital, we believe that connecting safely and acknowledging our youth's milestones will have a meaningful impact.
Our traditional event will look completely different this year. It will all start on a Saturday Morning at 9 am with a hot grill, flipping burgers, and preparing lunch bags. (Rotarians may park their vehicles in our back parking lot, starting at 8:30 am.) At noon, our first round of recipients will drive up to our front curb to receive a hot meal, bag full of supplies, a 70th Anniversary Medal, and a smile by the second shift of Rotarians. Clean up will be quick and easy at 1 pm, with only the food station and outside décor to store away.
Please use the link below to sign-up for our AM Shift (Setting Up/Food prep) or PM Shift (Give Away/Clean Up):
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Safety Guidelines will be emailed to the ones registered.