Daylight's Affordable Housing Program
Apr 29, 2020 12:00 PM
Greg Comanor
Daylight's Affordable Housing Program

Greg Comanor is the co-founding partner of Daylight Community Development, an affordable real estate development company focused on buiding for L.A.'s homeless population. 

Daylight Community Development is building affordable and supportive housing here in Los Angeles to combat our affordable and homeless housing crises. We believe dignified housing is a human right, and are committed to bringing innovation to build faster and cost-effectively. 

Daylight is currently developing over 200 units of supportive housing here in Los Angeles with an emphasis on efficient construction techniques, financing innovation, design, service and health care delivery, community engagement, and the advancement of progressive housing policies.

By taking advantage of recent zoning changes, newly available public funding sorces, and modular construction,  Daylight is building critical housing faster and more cost effective, while providing a risk- adjusted return for their investors.