The Rotary Year


The Rotary Calendar

The Rotary calendar provides a framework for planning weekly meetings.  The Rotary theme is introduced in January or February of each year.  Provide a calendar to club members with Rotary International, District and Club events and activities.  Programs can be planned to occur at the same time as special observances held during the Rotary year:

 July - New Rotary Year Begins

 August - Membership and Extension Month

 September - New Generations Month

 October - Vocational Service Month

The week of November 5 - World Interact Week

 November - The Rotary Foundation Month

 December - The Family of Rotary Month

 January - Rotary Awareness Month

 February - World Understanding Month

 February 23 - Anniversary of Rotary International and World Understanding and Peace Day

 March - Literacy Month

The week of March 13 - World Rotaract Week

 April - Magazine Month


June - Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships Month